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Uta proudly presents "White Cloud" #11-75 for $129.00

   This very comfortable, overly-long ladies medium-sized sweater can be UNIQUELY YOURS. It is meticuously and lovingly hand-knitted with wool-polyester blend sock yarn. When you look closely (by clicking on the image for the enlarged photo) you will see the intricate vertical braid design throughout the piece.  

    More than an article of clothing, this work of art articulates your good taste, great fashion sense, and keen eye for a bargain. The yarn used here was on sale totalling $89.00 and it is as soft and cuddly as any cashmere sweater.

   Uta lovingly labored over 50 hours to produce this for you and we are asking only $129.00. You do the math- she worked on this for 80 cents an hour. JUST for YOU.


        "Annie O"                         "Eleganta"              "Rose with Ties"


       #12-23 is $60.00                     #12-27 is $55.00               #52-29 is $64.00   



         "Tucson"                      "Waikiki"                        "Midnight"

      #12-29 is $110.00                   #12-25 is $45.00                  #12-26 is $53.00


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"Venetian Holiday"              "Aqua"                        "Turquoise"

       #12-24 is $65.00                     #55-21 is $36.00                   #12-28 is $45.00


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          "Malibu"                   "Wonderworld"                "Sandy"

       #55-20 is $85.00                    #55-43 is $60.00                #55-46 is $60.00 




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