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                                                                                                Children's Stuff


 "Pink Scarf"                   "Red Scarf"

      #55-31 is $14.00                                           #55-33 is $14.00


 "Fuzzy Scarf-Cap Set"                    "Pants-Top Set"

           #56-4 is $30.00                                         #52-2 is $25.00



     We currently have these 4 children's caps in stock


"Fuzzy Z" (left) #51-10 is $6.00                     "Pink Cap" (left) #11-75 is $10.00         "Fuzzy Stripes" #51-11 is $6.00                     "Purple Bonnet" #12-44 is $10.00 


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      All of these children's socks are only $5.00 a pair

These little socks have no item numbers. Just tell us the color you would like.                                                                  


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Baby mittens- $5.00                     Light Yellow Baby Blanket

The mittens have no item number.                 The blanket #55-42 is $20.00                  Just tell us the color you would like.                                                                          These are the only 4 we have in stock.


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